How to scale an eCommerce web-site without spending much time and effort

Every e-commerce site developer wants to have more traffic, because it means more conversions and revenue. But when traffic grows, it may affect general performance of web-site and, as the result, user experience. Scalability is what you should pay attention to when thinking about the future of your enterprise. If you are not prepared to deal with the growing number of visitors when your marketing campaign will be started, then your competitors will be glad to serve them.  

Shared hosting is not a way out

Of course, you may stay on a shared hosting. But placing your web-site on a crowded server when planning to develop and attract new visitors is a big mistake. It is not unusual for big web-sites to handle rapid traffic spikes and deal with downtime caused by it.

Every company has special needs.  Traditional hosting on shared server means working with only one operating system, identical control panel for all users, limits in software and application exploitation, and lower compatibility. Every company has to conform to some versatile configuration provided, which is not always convenient.


In comparison with shared hosting, cloud supplies excellent scalability and better redundancy in case of server failure. Besides, you will be always be able to order as much bandwidth, memory and disk space as you need. In means that every customer gets high quality experience, and even traffic spikes can’t cut access for the users. Better user experience – better conversions.

Since cloud servers have software platforms spread across several dedicated servers, their configurations may be customized any time. Thanks to that, you can use solutions specifically tailored to meet the demands of your company and to achieve your goals. Web-site is totally optimized, its layout and functionality are perfectly set, which allows growing and attracting more customers without troubles in hosting.