Five solutions to secure your server

It is a mistake to think that server security does not depend on you. Not only data-center and provider technical staff may help you to protect your hosting solution. We are glad to share our DIY tipa that you can perform on your own. They are easy, but play an important role in securing your server. You should definitely include them in your security plan to make data safe and sound.


These provide primary protection for your server, filtering all incoming traffic according to some certain set of rules. When firewall is activates, it makes up some kind of barrier between your server and the Net. All traffic that accesses your server is analyzed in detail, and it is supposed to be malicious, it is blocked. Our customer support team may help you to set up firewall on your sever. Firewalls are very important for securing hosting environment from unlawful third-party access.

Protection against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are attacks performed by hackers who try to disable a network without having to get internal access. Unfortunately, you can’t predict when such an attack may occur, and can’t know where you are being targeted. However, it is absolutely necessary to provide a substantial DDoS attack protection, if you want to escape downtime in the event you’ve been attacked. A DDoS attack takes place when hackers overload routers with the flow of access attempts, and continue doing that until it breaks down. DDoS attack protection system differentiates between malicious and normal traffic by analyzing some certain network of IP addresses and the traffic that attempts to reach server. In case of attacks, our customer support team will work with users and regularly check the system to ensure its normal functioning.

SSL Certificates

Modern customers are tech-savvy, and they want to make sure that their private data is totally safe, so that business won’t be lost. How to give them such warranty?  SSL certificate is modern standard of security that encrypts online transactions so that hackers won’t get access to personal data. You can buy various types of SSL certificates some of which provide real-time alerts and warn site developers when their projects are under threat. Thus, more protection for users’ data is ensured.

PCI Compliance

A PCI compliant site is another proof for customers that the web-site has did everything to protect payment data during online shopping. The Payment Card Industry’s Data Security Standards demand from web businesses to secure customer data with the help of requirements for hosting solution and server configuration.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) is a private network of users of a public network, or sites needed for connection. A VPN applies encryption to protect connection with the Net, and ensures that the data sent and received over VPN is secured from the access of third parties. This technology can be very useful for developing businesses, because it boosts productivity and security.