40Gbps Servers

40Gbps Dedicated Servers is a marketplace where you can order 40 Gbps ports for public and private networks. Tier 1 upstream and customized routing make our services excellent.

Why do I have to choose 40 Gbps?

Premium Hardware

We partner with industry-leading producers of dedicated server hardware to ensure that you have a solution complying with all your demands. Dedicated servers of SuperMicro brand are reliable and powerful – ideal solution for long term hosting!


Need more storage space? Not enough bandwidth to deal with traffic spikes? All solutions we offer can be scaled any time, any possible way. Add as many resources as you need – scaling will take a few hours, boosting efficiency of your server.

Full Control

Manage your hardware and software using root access: you are in charge of your server. Every user is allowed to store files of any format and install any programs and application on his hardware. Enjoy total control and customization!


Our pricing policy is fair: affordable service, no set up fees. We aim to provide the most advanced dedicated servers for reasonable cost: all necessary features and services are already included.

Individual approach

Contact us, and we will figure out a suitable server and configuration. You choose the amount of RAM, bandwidth and SSD hard drive – we build a perfect dedicated server for you.

Need more benefits?

Our servers

Supermicro 813MFTQ-441CB

SwitchDC, Amsterdam (Europe)
  • CPU - Intel Xeon Е3-1650v5
  • RAM - 64GB (up to 256GB)
  • Hard Drive - 2x480 GB SSD
  • Max Hard Drives - 4
  • Port - 1 Gbps

Supermicro SC815TQ-600WB

SwitchDC, Amsterdam (Europe)
  • CPU - 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630V4
  • RAM - 128GB (up to 1TB)
  • Hard Drive - 2x4TB SATA
  • Max Hard Drives - 4
  • Port - 1 Gbps

Supermicro SC815TQ-600WB

  • CPU - 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2630V4
  • RAM - 128GB (up to 1TB)
  • Hard Drive - 4x480 GB SSD
  • Max Hard Drives - 4
  • Port - 10 Gbps

Supermicro SC826BE1C-R920LPB

  • CPU - 2 x Intel Xeon E5-2650V4
  • RAM - 256Gb (up to 2TB)
  • Hard Drive - 4x4TB SATA
  • Max Hard Drives - 12
  • Port - 10 Gbps

Included width every dedicated server

Managed Hosting Essentials: Engineered for Peace of Mind

Free 8 IPs

Each server features up to 8 IPs for free, which helps to boost security of your web-sites and migrate services from one server to another without troubles. IPv6 is included and fully supported. Be sure: you and your visitors will benefit from rapid content delivery, safe data transfer and stable connection.

Free iDRAC

We provide iDRAC access for you to have total management and control over your server. Our Dell dedicated servers are equipped with Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) and life cycle controller. No operating system or hypervisor are required to work with them!

24 / 7 Expert Assistance

Our agents are 24/7 online. Contact and get your free recommendation concerning dedicated servers and their deployment, migration and management. We provide quick and full answer to all questions and ensure individual approach to every user. Our client support team is always ready to back you up!

40Gbps Unshared Port

Our dedicated servers ensure 40Gbps connectivity – transfer as much data as you need without need to burst network speed. Enjoy reliable and quick web-hosting, streaming and application exploitation and use as much traffic as you need. No aggregation, no limits!

Let us offer a server for your needs.

  • E-commerce
  • Software and applications
  • Steaming
  • Gaming
  • SaaS
  • File storage

We can create environment with ideal configuration and features for your project. Contact us, and we will figure out the most optimal solution.

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    Amsterdam DC

    Being of the best European data-centers, SwitchDC (Netherlands) ensures safety and great performance of dedicated servers.

    Ashburn DC

    Equinix (USA) is a totally reliable platform for dedicated servers. Tight control, permanent maintenance and safety are guaranteed.

  • LuxConnect, Luxembourg
  • Moscow, Russia
  • ThePoint, Dallas

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